Pricing for Antique Trunk Restoration
by Shenandoah Restoration
At Shenandoah Antique Restoration we strive to keep the costs of restoration/refinishing low.

The  Base cost of  Restoration of an Antique trunk is:
$550.00 - $650.00 - For a full  size Steamer trunk  - flat top or dome top *
$450.00 - $550.00 - For a child size or doll trunk  *

*Above prices do not include parts that need replacement such as flat or  embossed tin replacement, leather parts, wood slats, locks, drawbolts,
hinges, rollers, lidstays, etc.  
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Complete rebuilding of the base trunk box  is at extra cost.

Re-lining of  the interior and trays in plain paper  is included in base cost.  
Cedar lining of trunks  --- ---      $175.00

Patching of canvas  covering is included in base  cost.  Replacement of  all canvas on a canvas covered trunk is            

Paint Stripping from wooden slats        $105.00

Two color painting process on embossed tin as original            $170.00

Copper, gold, or brass metallic paint with stain wash overcoat
on embossed tin                                                                                                    $145.00

Replacement of a plain tray   --   $125.00     Hatbox tray  --    $190.00

Patching of damaged leather on a leather covered trunk     $90.00
Leather edge treatment installed,  up to 20 ft                      $95.00
Recovering of a leather trunk in new leather completely    $150.00
plus cost of leather materials
Hand  embossing of new leather starts at                         $100.00

Shipping is the trunk owners responsibility.  We will advise you  on least costly shipping methods.  Most trunks can be
shipped anywhere within the U.S.A. for  $50  to    $180.00

Turnaround time for a full trunk restoration is approx. 18 months plus, depending on our work load when we  begin work.

Prices  and  delivery time  are subject to change without notice.
If we are selling and/or restoring  a trunk  from our stock we  require 50% of  the total up
front and the balance after  the restoration is finished before shipping.

If we are restoring your personal trunk, we  require 50% payment up front and 50% after  
the restoration is finished, before shipping.

We will allow a customer to stay in our work  schedule for 14 days before a down
payment is required.   At that time a 50% payment must be made to stay in the schedule.

Down payment refund requests after 30 days from date originally  paid will be honored for
only  50% of the  down payment amount.

Shenandoah Restoration will accept your personal check, Paypal, or  
Visa/Mastercard/Amex/ or Discover

Delivery of  restored items - After any  restoration  or service project  shipped to us for
same  is  completed, we will contact the customer  via telephone or email using contact
information given at the  time  we received the project. This contact attempt is made for
settling of the account and arranging  for shipment back to the customer.  If we fail to  
make contact we  will attempt to reach  the customer  a second time.  After  the second
failed  attempt to contact the customer   for having the account settled,  the restored or
serviced  item is subject to public sale  or disposition at our discretion without further
Phone 1-800-575-1960
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