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We receive  email & phone calls daily from people who are restoring
their own trunk asking for advice, hints, and procedures, help, etc.

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We have  added         Trunk Restoration Parts Kits  
These kits contain the most purchased parts for trunk
restoration  in kit form at a savings over individual item costs.  
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Shenandoah Antique Restoration
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Hoosier cabinet, Trunk, Telephone,
Chair  caning, Wood parts and Veneer,  
& Oil lamp Hardware.  Refinishing aids,
supplies, and chemicals.  
Over 2,000 items

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Antique trunk restoration
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We restore, refinish and repair antique trunks. We also sell trunk hardware and supplies for the do
it your selfer.  Our hardware dept. sells Trunk, Hoosier cabinet, Oil lamp, Telephone, and Furniture
hardware to antique restorers and refinishers.

Do you have an Old Steamer trunk sitting in your attic, basement, or storage building? Wouldn't you
love to have it restored to its original condition and usefulness?? Perhaps you have started to repair
it and didn't finish it or just don't have the time.

Old trunks are like time capsules and hold so much history inside of them. After restoration they
make great accent pieces and are very useful for storage of heirlooms, quilts etc.

Flat top trunks can be restored to make a great coffee table. Dome top trunks make great blanket
chests, etc. after refinishing.
Let us take your cherished Antique Trunk and restore and/or refinish it to your liking .We love to do
Antique trunk restoration. Send us your old tin or canvas covered trunk for restoring or refinishing.

Here at Shenandoah restoration we prefer to restore your trunk as close as possible to the way it
was when it was manufactured Years ago. As with any refinishing project any new parts or
materials we use will be an exact copy or as close a match as we can obtain.

To inquire about how to  have an antique trunk restored by Shenandoah, please call or  
email and we can  estimate your restoration work by using pictures of your trunk.
800-575-1960  or  email
Shenandoah Restoration is  happy to  be  a supplier for the  Steamer
Trunk Dresser
    project  in  Woodworker's Journal
Woodworkers Journal
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look at and
purchase  the  
hardware kit  
available for the
Steamer Trunk
Dresser Project
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Antique trunk restoration
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